Town of Tremosnice

Tremosnice and Surroundings

Town of Tremosnice

The town of Tremosnice is a gate to the Zelezne Mountains. Virtually, it is located right at the intersection of 3 borderlines of 3 regions: Pardubice Region, Central Bohemia Region, and Highlands Region. 

Tremosnice lies approximately 20 km from the geographical centre of the Czech Republic which makes it easily accessible from the rest of the country.

Its history goes back to the 16th century and its landmarks are the local Berlova limeworks and the castle ruins of Lichnice.

Lying at the foot of the Zelezne Mountains, Tremosnice provides a great variety of opportunities to hike and cycle. Being away from the main roads and heavy traffic, the town qualifies as a perfect place for your rest. 

The town also disposes of good train and bus connections and provides basic services such as medical services, drug stores, a pharmacy, and other shops.



The Lichnice castle ruins, located above the town of Tremosnice, originated in the 13th century.

The ruins are a popular place not only for tourists, but also festival and other events attendees. Not a long time ago there was erected an observation tower here that makes the area even more attractive. 

Just below the ruins you can hike through the Lovetinska ravine and see the legendary Maiden´s rock and 700-year-old oak tree. 



The town of Sec lies at a water reservoir on the Chrudimka river.

Sec is located in the northern part of Zelezne Mountains just on the border line of Pardubice Region and Highlands Region. This town is a popular holiday resort offering numerous camping sites, accommodation and leisure time facilities as well as sights and places of interest. 

The town can be found approximately 9 km away from Tremosnice.

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