Beef broth with meat and root vegetables 38,-
Special offers from 26,-
Tomato jam with mascarpone, basil and crispy baguette 93,-
Yellow melon coated in Parma ham with plum sauce and roasted toast 93,-


Beef rump steak on herbs with roasted potatoes


Veal cutlet on grill in capers sauce


Grilled pork neckmeat with home-made BBQ sauce


Roasted sirloin in Cuban style marinated in coriander, garlic, and lime and orange juice


Chicken steak stuffed with leaf spinach and pistachios in creamy coconut sauce


Chicken drumsticks in spicy marinade with BBQ sauce and our bread


Gnocchi with chicken meat, leaf spinach, and parmesan


Gnocchi with mushrooms with sirloin chunks and parmesan


Traditional coated chicken steak


Roasted trout on butter and cumin


Italian tagliatelle all´Amatriciana with Guanciale bacon


Greek salad with black olives, feta cheese, and grilled chicken breast



French fries 43,-
Bakes unpeeled potatoes 39,-
Grilled vegetables (sweet peppers, zucchini, onions, garlic, champignons, aubergine, carrots) 59,-
Our potatoe croquettes 52,-


our specials from 35,-
Hot raspberries with ice-cream and whipped cream 70,-

Ice cream cup with whipped cream and topping



Our specials from 35,-
Salted almonds roasted in olive oil 65,-

PIzza brot with garlic and herbs


PIZZA (32 cm)

Margherita (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, slices of tomatoes, basil, mozzarella) 107,-
Prosciutto (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, ham, cheese) 118,-
Toscana   (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, ham, champignons, cheese) 123,-
Quattro Formaggi (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, 4 kinds of cheese) 148,-
Salami    (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, salami, onions, chilli peppers, cheese) 123,-
Vegetariana (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, vegetables, cheese) 123,-
Tonno     (1, 4, 7) (crushed tomatoes, tuna fish, onions, olives, cheese) 141,-
Contesa   (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, bacon, olives, champignongs, cheese) 131,-
Hawai     (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, ham, pineapple, cheese) 123,-
Pollo       (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, maize, chicken meat, cheese) 134,-

Spinaci    (1, 3, 7)

(crushed tomatoes, bacon, leaf spinach, eggs, cheese) 138,-
Di Parma (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes Parma ham, mozzarella) 148,-
Peperoni (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, ham, bacon, chilli peppers, cheese) 131,-
Camembert s brusinkami (1, 7) (cream, ham, white-mould cheese, cheese, cranberries) 148,-
Porcheria (1, 7) (crushed tomatoes, pork meat, bacon, onions, cheese) 134,-
Porcini    (1, 7) (cream, chicken meat, mushrooms, cheese) 137,-
Your own pizza (invent your own pizza and have it made; 6 items as maximum) 154,-



Chicken meat, pork meat, Parma ham 35,-
Sea food, tuna 35,-
Ham, salami, bacon 25,-
Cheese, blue-mould cheese, white-mould cheese, parmesan, mozzarella 35,-
Maize, chilli peppers, spinach, olives, broccoli 25,-
Champignons, pineapple, cranberries 25,-
Eggs, onion, garlic 15,-
Cream instead of crushed potatoes 6,-
Pizza box 10,-
Food box 8,-

Customers are charged 70 % of the meal price for half portions.

The list of food allergens the are a subject to be marked in accordance with the Directive 1169/11 of the European Union.

1.   Cereal containing gluten and products made from them.

2.   Shellfish and products made from it.

3.   Eggs and products from them.

4.   Fish and products made from it.

5.   Peanuts and products from them.

6.   Soya beans and products from them.

7.   Milk and products from it.

8.   Shelled fruits and products from them - all kinds of nuts.

9.   Celery root and products from it.

10. Mustard and products from it.

11. Sesame seeds and products from them.

12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites in a concentration hihger than 10 mg, ml/kg, l, epxressed as SO2.

13. Lupin and products from it.

14. Shellfish (mollusc) and products from it.

Each of the meals on the menu is marked with a number of allergen in contains.



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