The SRC Lihovar is a sports and rehabilitation centre that provides a large number of services ranging from catering and accommodation to body care and health care.

These premises consisting of several buildings were originally used as a distillery. Nowadays, after being newly reconstructed, the buildings serve as a multi-purpose centre which offers manifold opportunities for a passive and an active holiday.

The history of the main building can be traced back to the second half of the 19th century. Actually, it is the Czech word for distillery (lihovar) that has become popular among local people who have developed a habit of referring to this place just as this.

It was bricks and stones that were used for construction of the main bulding. Its dominant feature, a brick stack, serves as a landmark for the nearest surroundings and becomes a part of the countryside. Another outstanding feature is the groundfloor with arched brick ceilings supported by sandstone columns. There are two other buildings adjacent to the main building. The first one was used as an administrative building while the other one housed a storeroom for spirit.

In the late 1990´s the distillery was eventually closed down and started to decay. Later on, since it was in good technical conditions there originated a renovation project designed to prevent the buildings from further dilapidating. As a result, the Sports and Rehabilitation Centre Lihovar, Ltd., was founded in 2007 which initiated the reconstruction of the above-mentioned property. The project was co-financed by the European Union (Regional Operational Programme Severovychod II). In 2008 the storeroom was made into a salt cave, in 2009 the administrative building was changed into a pizza restaurant. The reconstruction of the main building finished in June, 2013. Not only earlier, but also now the Lihovar premises belong to the most interesting buildings in the town.

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